Sunday, 5 February 2012

Little House's Thursday Excursion

Hello Friends!

Us gals here at Little House went for a wee trip on Thursday to Berhampore. Berhampore is the neighbouring suburb to our beloved Newtown, it's a little bit smaller and has less shops, but one very interesting shop it does have is Evil Genius. Evil Genius was in Lyttleton, Christchurch, but in the February 22nd earthquake, their shop was destroyed after being in business for just five days! So, they packed up and moved on out to Windy Wellington. They sell new and used records and they brew delicious Lyttleton coffee :D Excellent!


EG had a deal on all the records not nice enough to sell, 4 for $10! Bridget and I found some real gems, can't wait to share mine with my Dad next time I'm home :-) 

Leah x

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Flat Date "Out on the Town"

'So what are you ladies up to tonight?' The chap at Kaffee Eis asked us.
'This! This is it!' We replied.
The guy serving us gelato was I think a little surprised to hear that our idea of a big night out was coming in to the heart of Wellington's nightlife scene to have gelato and a cup of tea!
Crazy party animals we certainly are not, but the four of us here at Little House had a grand time on our Friday night :)

A few snaps from the night :)

have a great weekend!

-Leah x

Friday, 6 January 2012

So much to tell you!

Hello, Happy past holidays, and Happy New Year from Little House!

Well I have so very much to tell you.

First of all - an apology. One really must think a lofty craft commitment through thoroughly before embarking upon a craft blitz during the silly season. So obviously we didn't quite make it the whole way through the craft and recipe advent deal we had going.

It is sad.

We had some really great ideas lined up - but sometimes people get busy. And sometimes those people who get busy, are people like us. And sometimes those people who get busy, are people like us, because they are us...


December in my memory is a whirlwind blur of craft, baking, photos, art, birthdays, Christmas, and New Years, as well as many other things I cant recall right now.

This post I wanted to share with you what we got up to during our mad month of December!

The celebrations of Lauren's birthday started the day before her actual birthday, we kidnapped her in the afternoon and took her to a secret location!
The secret location was...The Wellington Botancial Gardens! HOORAH! Jaimee made this yummy venetian chocolate nut cake.
The weather was beautiful, such a great way to start celebrating the birth of a great lady!

Later  on in the evening I set up a treasure hunt around our yard with clues as to where and what we would get up to late that night!

First stop: The Telecom Tree!
Second stop: The Library for sorbet!
Third stop: (We intended to go to Alice's but alas, it was closed) so on we went to Hawthorne!

On Lauren's actual birthday we had a pretty relaxed day, she got a tattoo, we shopped a little for Christmas presents, and we surprised her with a dinner picnic in the yard for the finale. As you can see below, telling Lauren she has 5 minutes to dress fancy results in a ball gown, David Bain style sweater, and a vintage lambs wool coat.
Wow what a birthday!


Next on the agenda was CHRISTMAS!!!WOOO YEAH!!!
Leah and Jaimee headed home, and Lauren and I lingered on at Little House.
Poor Lauren had to work! lame-o.o.o.

I spent Christmas for the most part with Will, Scarlett, and Rachel.
We headed round to Will's parent's home since Will had the place to himself.
We kept it casual, walking the dog, eating outside, opening the odd gift, cooking up a mighty feast, and watching The Grinch.


Yep, you betcha. Another birthday.
My birthday was filled with op-shopping, a record player, brown paper, records, hydrangeas, cake, carrot soup, glass bottles, pepperoni pizza, friends, embarrassing stories, and a whole lot of joy.
It was a great day spent with some of my very favourite people.

I am blessed. 


The weather packed it in over New Years, but that didnt spoil our fun!
The Little House crew headed around to our friend's whare on Owen Street for some Singing in the Rain before the countdown, a tipple, and Olie Bollein (Dutch fruity bready fried ball things! nom nom!)

Alana made the Olie Bollein, aint she a cutie?


That my friends, was a lot of information (A LOT)at once!
The main theme in each of these oh-so-fun events is that special occasions are best shared.
Make sure to make the most of the time you have to spend with family and friends during the year ahead, value your relationships.
That is a good resolution to make!


- Bridge (who else puts together such spastic posts?!...)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Little House Flat Warming

Before we lurch into our Christmas frenzy we thought it a good idea to do a quick post on our flat warming this past weekend.

Our little house was filled to the brim with friends! And we had a really fun time chatting to everyone.We ate popcorn in paper cones, cheese and crackers, home-made cookies, and hot spiced apple cider amongst other goodies.

Thank you to everyone who came along, you helped make our house oh so warm, and to make it feel officially like our home.

Here are a few snaps Leah took...

Monday, 7 November 2011

More Halloween! More Halloween!

Here is s'more Halloween birthday fun...

Suzy and Cathy Beth.
(photo courtesy of Sarah Mc Evoy)

One foxy lady, one geek, two ragdolls, and a Jedi.
(photo courtesy of Sarah Mc Evoy)

The toffee apple eating Mexican.
(photo courtesy of Sarah Mc Evoy)

Ashley le' Jedi and Leah le' Fox.

Abby and Cathy Beth Terry.

Ghost-Jedi pals

Here they are again.

Jedi is slaying. Abby is slain, Cathy Beth Terry is...

Ashley le' Jedi and Cathy Beth Terry.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Halloween Party

This Friday night we are hosting Ashley's Halloween themed birthday party.
His real birthday was on Halloween itself, the party is a little late, but the theme is still valid.
Stay tuned for spooky awesome photos and costumes!

Jack-O-Melons we spotted at the shops.